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Office 365 Word for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone

Microsoft Office Word for iPhone is one of the Apps you will want to have if you want to edit and/or create Word Documents on the go! It is a very user friendly App that allows you to edit text, format it and insert pictures or media in a very easy way. It is very…

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Check your cardio health with Cardiograph

Cardiograph is a free android application which allows you to check your cardio health, and also to measure your heart rate. You can also choose your activity and measure your rate and save the results for the future. This application use your smartphone camera to measure your heart beat, and it’s very easy to use,…

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Protecting your device with Avira Antivirus

Avira is a German free Antivirus that make you protect your Smartphone or your PC quickly and easily, you can protect your device from virus, malware. It can allows you to scan cloud, and a best detection to your device also it download updates in real time, also with Avira you can surf in your…

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Boosting your smartphone or your PC performance with Clean Master

  Clean Master is a freeware that can help you clean your phone or your computer from ‘System and web cache’ junk files and it allows you to cool down your smart phone when it gets warm. This program can make you also free your storage from your smartphone, PC memory and your SD card.…

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Using your iPhone Cam with your windows PC

Softigation Review of EpocCam for iPhone and Android With EpocCam you can easily use your smartphone camera for example from your IPhone or Android mobile device with your laptop. All you need to do is download and install the free app from Apple App Store or google play for your smartphone and after that install…

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