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Protecting your device with Avira Antivirus

Avira is a German free Antivirus that make you protect your Smartphone or your PC quickly and easily, you can protect your device from virus, malware. It can allows you to scan cloud, and a best detection to your device also it download updates in real time, also with Avira you can surf in your…

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Using your iPhone Cam with your windows PC

Softigation Review of EpocCam for iPhone and Android With EpocCam you can easily use your smartphone camera for example from your IPhone or Android mobile device with your laptop. All you need to do is download and install the free app from Apple App Store or google play for your smartphone and after that install…

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Free download of OS X Mavericks – Update your Mac now.

Apple has released its newest OS X version with the name OS X Mavericks. What we love about this new version of Apple’s operating system is that it has a lot of very good features that the user will love even if they are not visible at first glance. Apple has improved a lot the…

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Qt Application Framework creates mobile apps easily

Name: Qt Application Framework License: Freeware, Qt is available under GPL v3, LGPL v2 Rating: Systems: Windows XP/Vista / Windows 7, Linux, MacOS Version: 1.1.3 Size: 1.4 GB Languages: and more Developer: Nokia Download: Qt Application Framework (1.4 GB) Review of Qt Application Framework by Softigation The Qt Framework is the most powerful solution to…

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Skype: contact your friends with voice, video or chat

Name: Skype License: Freeware Rating: Systems: Windows (all) , Linux, MacOS, Smartphones Version: 5.3 Size: 1.0 MB Languages: and more Developer: Skype Ltd Download: Skype (1.0 MB) Review of Skype by Softigation Skype allows you to make voice calls, video calls and chat over the Internet for free. Phone calls to landlines and mobile phones…

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TeamViewer control your windows desktop from anywhere.

Name: TeamViewer License: Freeware, Shareware Rating: Systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Smartphones Version: v6.0.9947 Size: 3.4 (MB) Languages: Developer: Teamviewer GmbH Download: TeamViewer 3.4(MB) Review of TeamViewer by Softigation Teamviewer makes the remote administration of your windows desktop very easy. The desktop of your remote PC can view and manage through the Internet or local network.…

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